Starting a YouTube Journey

I created a YouTube channel finally. What is the goal for the channel?
Learning how to create content and sharing that journey.

I’ve always wanted to create content, but was never confident enough in my self and ability to do so. Time is fleeting so there’s no better time to start then now. As of now I only know some basics. To learn how to create content is a daunting journey, as there is ALOT to it. Just think of the end of an episode of your favorite movie. All those credits past the actors are the production staff that went into creating that episode. There is writing, videography, editing, audio, lighting, photography, composition, gear, techniques ,and math. Not to mention many more skills you’ll need. That movie had a staff of professionals to do all that, you will have to fill ALL of those roles by yourself! 

But fear not, other youtubers out there are successful and they have figured it out. We can too! So i’m going to start a series of my learning process and sharing that along the way. My main goal is to learn and make mistakes. In terms of economics the market is an unbiased judge of what is good and what is not. At first it will probably be hard and the market will not be buying what i’m selling. But as times goes on, i would hope that we learn how produce good content that makes us feel good. Things you can expect are

  • Camera tutorials
  • Gear discussions
  • Example content
  • Testing different styles of video
  • Reviews Maybe
  • Struggles and Lessons learned

One Reply to “Starting a YouTube Journey”

    • Lighting was good
    • Background was good, could use more to fill it in as you go
    • Stumbled on words
    • Don’t need to do one-take
    • Rambled a bit, lost focus
    • Perhaps try doing quick cuts to speed up video time
    • Where a more dynamic shirt, the black blended in with the background
    • Better Posture, the relaxed posture translated to relaxed energy
    • Move head up so the eyes are in the upper third
    • Hands look HUGE because of the focal distance, also looked like you were Trexxing the arms to keep them in the frame
    • Video ended abrutply, intro was in the middle of the video

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